Gele’s Art can be admired right now at:

Yoni Tempel
de Nieuwe Binnenweg 233B3

Newest Art Organization
de Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 112

Restaurant Addis Ababa
Overtoom 337

Gele’s unique selling points:

  • He is the first of the Hamar tribe of 50.000 to live in the Netherlands
  • That makes him the only one here who can deliver his handmade products of magic sticks, paintings and jewelry based on these principals
  • He is beloved and is seen as an asset at the University of Leiden regarding his knowledge about his language and education
  • All the products and services are what we call ‘outsider art’. This kind of craft and art is made in an autodidact way. The knowledge that seeps through his art and crafts he opens new way of thinking and being.