Gele Hailu is a native of the Hamar tribe and a member of a agropastoralist group deep in the south of Ethopia. These agropastoralists are deeply connected with the rhythm of the earth. They live with no electricity or running water. Nature is their playground. The foundation of living in simplicity and all the knowledge thereof has been kept alive for many years because of their seclusion. Living in the natural rhythms of nature and animals are the building blocks for their life. That is why for the first 15 years of Gele’s life he didn’t have any contact with anyone that wasn’t from his tribe.

Growing up, Gele was a herdsman and a farmer taking care of the goats and cows his father owned.  This is where his journey as an artist began. The elements of this early life are embedded in the art Gele makes today.

In those days Gele started to experiment with different artisanal techniques. First of by using branches to paint with cow feces on trees and on the ground. It was only through his contact with tourists from western countries he came in contact with the art of painting. This fundament of cyclical and nature based techniques is what he uses to create art everywhere. From painting on canvas, magic sticks to the wall in your living room.


Download here the CV of Gele Hailu