Tour guide

Gele has a reputation of being an experienced, a reliable and a seasoned guide. People from different parts of the globe often ask specifically for him and gladly return to him for the tours.
Gele knows the whole South Omo region by heart and the different dialects of the different tribes in that region. Because of the contact that he has had with different tourists from over the whole world he knows the basic principles of many languages.

If a tour in the South Omo area and a visit to the colorful tribes in Ethiopia has always been on your bucket list, this is your chance. Together with Gele you can discuss and compose a (group) trip. Gele has, through his years of experience as a travel guide, also warm contacts in Ethiopia from various travel agencies and travel guides.

Since 2004 Gele is a certified Tourguide in the South Omo Zone, the Southern part of Ethiopia. Here he worked, amongst others, with Richard Gress (maker of documentaries and films for nine months and photographers from National Geographic.