Other than creating art and crafts Gele is also an inspirational figure.
He comes from a unique tribe in Ethiopia who for a long time has been living in seclusion of other cultures and people. In the Hamar culture unique native and languistic elements and wisdom are hidden because of this seclusion.
Because of the culture he takes with him wherever he goes and his way of just being Gele inspires everyone he meets. With his personality, intelligence, curiousity, modesty  & open heart it Is truly easy to love Gele. He is also an asset in the art education world. He is skilled in giving art education to children, paint with seniors in a recreative and soothing way.
Other than that Gele can give unique consultancy sessions to  businesses using the Hamar system as a way to organize the business in a harmonious way that works. These sessions enclose the use of living by the rhythm of nature and finding an overall more balanced way of being and working. These sessions can surely help Dutch businesses find a balance in their way  of working.